About me

Chris Hellyar

Photographer, Geek, Jack of all trades.

I’m a part-time photographer in the sense that I don’t get paid to take photos all that much these days and to be completely honest the camera has spent too much time in the bag the last year or two.

In the past I’ve done commercial work on weddings, events and for the media covering all sorts of subject matter from flower arrangements to military parades.

I also had the great fortune work as a freelance photographer for a local paper, covering sports and events in and around the Selwyn district and further afield for a number of years.

Now for the most part I just take photos for my own enjoyment and the odd bit of work for old customers or community groups.

My intention is to rifle through the thousands of images I have and find the gems and put them up on this site to share how I see the world, I hope you enjoy.

I occasionally write on my blog on topics as rambling as the images on this site which can be found at http://www.trash.co.nz where you can also find a small number of my photographic musings.

– Chris Hellyar, LPSNZ

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